On June 30, 1908, in Central Siberia, a fireball hit the Earth and exploded. It leveled 2,000 square kilometers (1,243 square miles) of forest, burned thousands of trees and produced a shockwave that circled the Earth twice. So much dust was thrown into the air, that for two days after the explosion, you could read a newspaper in London, 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) away from the blast, at night due to scattered light. What the glowing ball was is unknown, but some theories are: a piece of antimatter, but no radioactivity was found at the site; a mini Black Hole passing through the Earth, but no evidence of an exit site was found on the other side of the planet; a U.F.O., but no wreckage was found, or at least not reported. However, there were several reports of the object changing course; a piece of a comet, since no impact crater was created, may have been what hit the area.

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